Riverside Distributors is a family owned and operated business which was established in 1994 as a small scale toilet paper converting operation.
Over the years we have evolved with the market and have extended our offering to satisfy the needs of all consumers in the paper industry, both in and away from home.
The Riverside team still applies many of those family values to our work ethic to ensure that high levels of integrity and accountability are maintained in all we do.

We are located in New Centre, Johannesburg. We offer quality products through our “Nova®” and “Supra Deluxe” name brands

To provide the public and business sectors with the best possible quality paper products for home or out of home use. We aim to achieve this through the constant development and acquisition of new machinery and processes, the expansion of our product line and the adherence to our core values.

Innovation: we are constantly striving to improve our market approach through co-operation with leading stakeholders, as well as improve our product quality through custom technological enhancements.
Efficiency: through the best use of a combination of state of the art technology and high quality paper pulp sources, we aim to deliver high quality products on time.
Accountability: each member of our team accepts personal responsibility to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services.

The Nova® ranges of virgin paper, industrial grade, as well as single and double ply toilet tissue are produced from the most environmentally responsible and sustainable sources. We use the Sappi Triple Green range of high quality coated fine paper and tissue wadding products.

There are three ‘pillars’ in Sappi’s Triple Green process, namely:
1. Sugar cane fibre is the primary source of pulp used, making up 60% of the pulp and is all sourced within the immediate vicinity of the Stanger Mill in and around KwaZulu Natal.
2. The bleaching process is elemental chlorine free.
3. The wood fibre used in the manufacturing process is obtained from sustainable and internationally certified afforestation, all stamped by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

All papers bearing the Triple Green logo are produced at Sappi’s Stanger Mill in South Africa.
The pulp used is a by-product of sugar production, making it a recycled raw material, together with being manufactured without chlorine in the bleaching process is what makes Sappi paper eco-friendly.
Sappi also verifies all incoming fibre to ensure that it has been produced in a renewable tree plantation and not from ancient indigenous or rain forests.
In terms of waste management, we are actively engaged in recycling our waste on a mass scale through a business partnership with Mondi Mpact.